Distance Healer

I can work completely over the phone and offer free consultations! $85 per session, includes one 30 minute phone session followed by five days of distance sessions - call today for psychic healing!
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Distance Healer

Distance Healer | Healing Hands In Your Time of Need - Houston, TX

You may have been through physical therapy or emotional therapy, but have you ever experienced the “miracle” of a distance healer breaking the barrier of the miles and touching you with healing energies? At Healing Hands, In Your Time Of Need, I engage in successful healing sessions every day from our Houston, TX center. I know they work because our clients relate back to us their experiences. If for any reason a session with my distance healing is seen as ineffective, I will always work on alternative healing approaches.

How Can Distance Healing Work?

A distance healer is one who sends or projects energy across time and space with the purpose of it reaching the receiver and having a healing effect. This type of healing work has many names:

• Holistic Healing
• Holistic Medicine
• Energy Healing
• Spiritual Healing
• Alternative Healing
• Reiki

While some of the techniques may differ from practitioner to practitioner, the basis of the work remains the same. It works on all aspects of the self - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual - by accessing the energy body of the individual receiving the healing. Because energy exists everywhere at all times, time and distance are not an obstacle. A distance healer first attunes him or herself to a healing state, then connects with the individual, helping to retune their own energies.

What Effect Can A Distance Healer Have?

Typically when someone agrees to a distance healing, they will be asked a few simple questions about their concerns so the distance healer knows where to focus and then will be guided into a lightly meditative state. They will begin to feel waves of energy reaching through them, usually described as a slow, warm feeling beginning at their core that radiates outward. Sometimes, twitches or muscle spasms occur as energy blockages are freed up, but these are natural and are nothing to cause any concern.

In the end, you have the sensation that something has changed or experienced a “shift” but may not be able to pinpoint it. Many times, I get reports back of people feeling “lighter” as if a weight has been lifted off them. Moods are improved, pain is lessened and a more positive sense of well-being as a whole tends to set in. Repeated sessions only amplify these changes. I have a distance healing ready to work with you now, so call in for a phone session or to set up a future session. Your healing awaits!