Alternative Healing

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Alternative Healing

Alternative Healing | Healing Hands In Your Time of Need - Houston, TX

Alternative healing can be described as any method of healing that does not fall under traditional, licensed medical practices. Many of these alternative healing practices are commonly used in other countries, however, in the United States they must be classified as such. There are as many alternative healing techniques as there are maladies from which to be healed. These healing practices can include:

• Herbology
• Aromatherapy
• Acupuncture
• Acupressure
• Cymatics, etc.

Here in Houston, TX at Healing Hands, In Your Time Of Need, I focus on spiritual healing and energy healing. By doing this, as a alternative healing practitioner, can reach out far beyond the limits of my local area and can help heal anyone, anywhere. All it requires of any client is an open mind and a desire to be healed.

Alternative healing in essence helps a person discover and use tools such as meditation and energy work which will help them restore their own body to a state of health. When health cannot be restored for any reason, alternative healing methods can help a person be at peace with whatever is happening. This is done by creating a positive mindset that allows for acceptance and finally comfort. Even this can have a profound effect on the body as relaxation relieves anxiety and pain, helping the body to heal.

If you would like to discuss some of the different alternative healing methods available and try a few suggestions that may work for you where nothing else has, I invite you to contact our center by phone or e-mail. I promise that I will listen without judgment and work closely with you to determine the best methods that will help your unique situation. Go ahead, call me today. I am here to help.