Holistic Healing

When spiritual healing is needed for any reason, Healing Hands, In Your Time Of Need is all you need.

I can work completely over the phone and offer free consultations! $85 per session, includes one 30 minute phone session followed by five days of distance sessions - call today for psychic healing!
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Distance Healer

Alternative Healing

Holistic Healing

Distance Healer | Healing Hands In Your Time of Need

You may have been through physical therapy or emotional therapy, but have you ever experienced the “miracle” of a distance healer breaking the barrier...

Alternative Healing | Healing Hands In Your Time of Need

Alternative healing can be described as any method of healing that does not fall under traditional, licensed medical practices. Many of these...

Holistic Healing | Healing Hands In Your Time of Need

Just like the name sounds, holistic healing involves healing the “whole” body. That means not just the body but also the mind and spirit, as all work...

Healing Hands, In Your Time Of Need can show you the power of spiritual healing from any distance. Call now. (281) 686-8668

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Reduce Stesses

Did you know... there are many more factors other than our physical environment that can have a profound effect on our physical health? Although the reasons are often debated, those who have experienced spiritual healing can attest to its effectiveness on the overall positive changes on the body and mind. Modern research does show that actions such as meditation and prayer as well as positive affirmations can increase our general sense of well-being.

When you contact The Master's Hands at Healing Hands In Your Time Of Need, it doesn't matter how far away you are or what you are going through because we exist to reach out and touch every life in need. We believe every person deserves to achieve healthfulness and an inner peace that only occurs when everything is in balance. To serve those in need of healing, I offer the following:

• Distance Healing—Even if you are not in the Houston, TX area, distance healing can be effective across the state or across the world.

Receiving energy healing in many ways helps reduce stress which we know causes physical health problems. A healed spirit has a more positive outlook and this elevated mood reduces the stress that causes a suppressed immune system, weight gain, depression and a host of other issues.

Contact me today if you are in need and we will help you get on the right path to health.